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Inner Peace

The tools, tips, and strategies we have within this program have been instrumental for us in our ability to maintain peace during chaotic times.

We have been learning and practicing the tools in this program for years. Right now, we can leverage them more than ever to maintain calm in our daily lives.

Know that peace is your birthright, and that it is created and nurtured within you! No matter the situation you face, whether at work, in love, or even during a global pandemic, you deserve to feel at ease.

What People Are Saying:

“I expand my consciousness every time I listen to Lindsey and Krista. Every guest is unique and special in their own way. Listen with an open heart and you'll learn something new each episode!” - Anxious Rabbit Hole

“If you haven’t already subscribed to these amazing ladies and this wonderful podcast, DO IT NOW! There isn’t a single episode I haven’t liked I have walked away feeling better, more confident, learning something new, laughed, cried... I mean literally every episode is amazing. They are true rockstars, so real and empowering! Love it so much! Thank you to the both of you and your team.” - Merriam