The Wellness Edit

The Life Edit: Wellness Edit 
A step-by-step program brought to you by Krista to embody your highest self right now. You’ll audit, clear, up-level, and transform your life by working through the Wellness Edit. 
When we talk about clearing, that also applies to your body and wellness practices. Treating your body well is a form of self-love and self-respect. What we put into our bodies affects our mood, energy levels, productivity, everything! 
In this module, we’ll talk about how to refresh your nutrition and wellness habits so you feel healthy and nourished from the inside out. We’ll also take energetic steps to explore your relationship with food, movement, and your body. 
This Wellness Edit includes:
  • A welcome audio message from Krista
  • A checklist
  • A visualization
  • A playlist
  • Episodes to support you
  • Quotes to support you
  • Tactical lessons
  • Energetic lessons
  • Bonus exercises + rituals
  • Affirmations
  • Reflection prompts
  • A certificate of completion to celebrate the time, energy and accomplishment of completing The Wellness Edit!
*You will have access to the program for 12 months.

$222.00 USD

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You will have access to The Life Edit portal for 12 months. You'll be able to download all PDFs, and audios to save to your computer, but your access to the portal itself will be revoked after 12 months. 

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